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Femade (UK) Limited is a freight forwarding and export services company. The company was registered in the UK on 01 April 1997 with registration number 3342806 and commenced its operations on 04 January 1999.

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Is to provide an excellent service to our customers.

Our Aim:

Is to surpass customers' expectations with flying colours.

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Parcel Delivery

Charges for the door-to-door service includes the freight, customs clearing (ex import duties).

Lagos, Nigeria | Accra, Ghana +

Sea/Air Freight

SeaFreight: Containers | Vechicles.

AirFreight: Nigeria | Rep Ireland | U.S.A. from £4.30 per kg.

Airport-to-airport: Benin Republic | Congo | Ghana +

Product Sourcing

We able to purchase various goods for organisations, individuals, corporate and/or government agencies.


Our large warehouse allows us to receive and store goods of all shapes and sizes within our premises.


  • What are your Airfreight fees?

    Destination: Lagos
    Price from: £3.50 per kg

    Destination: Outside Lagos
    Prices from: £4.50 per kg

    Note: Less than 13kgs standard price is £60 to collect from on Lagos based Agents.

  • Do you charge on Weight or Volume?

    Note: Shipment will be liable for volume charge if volume weight is higher than actual weight.
    For example, if your freight weighed 500kgs and the volume is 600kgs you will be charged for the volume.

    Note: All freight must be paid-in-full before release.
  • Is there a charge on abandoned items?

    Note: All items must be collected within 3 working days of arrival. Charges will start on day 4, after a month your items will be regarded as unwanted and auctioned.

  • What are your Seafreight fees?

    Destination: Lagos & Cotonou
    Vehicle type: Car
    Price: On request.

    Destination: Lagos
    20/40ft Containers/Groupage
    Prices/Quote: On Request

    Destination: Port Harcourt
    20/40ft Containers/Groupage
    Prices/Quote: On Request

  • What are your Groupage fees?

    Destination: Lagos, Nigeria
    Groupage (Collection Only
    Per Pallet: 100x100x100)
    Household - Price: On Request
    Furniture - Price: On Request

    Note: Fees for vans and trucks are based on dimensions.

    Note: We do not offer customs clearance for containers or vehicles in Nigeria.

  • What are your Document Delivery fees?

    Destination: Nigeria | Price: On Request.
    (Excluding dangerous goods packaging).

  • Can our suppliers deliver goods to your office?
    Yes. You can inform your suppliers to clearly state your name and contact details to avoid complications and or rejection of delivery.
  • What are your agent's details?

    Lekow Associated Services Limited.
    5/7 Alhaja Kofoworola Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
    Phone: (234) 803-302-2551
    Phone: (234) 805-601-2560

    Danzas Services Limited.
    10a Gani Williams Close, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.
    Phone: (234) 812-111-1111

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General Exports:
Office Equipment • Printing equipment • Photographic • Glassware • Agricultural equipment • Computer accessories • Consummables

Call: 0208-858-2213
Mob: 07764837079
  • Location:

  • Unit 3-4, Lydenburg Commercial Estate
  • New Lydenburg Street, Charlton
  • London, SE7 8NF
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